As the deadline for entries to the 74th annual open summer exhibition of the Chelsea Art Society draws closer, we caught up with President, Alice Hall to give us a quick overview of the Open Call, the Society and her hope for the future.

Name of organisation:

Chelsea Art Society

Do you have a message for artists who are thinking about entering your call?

Don’t waste any time. Our deadline is 23 rd April at midnight. Our young artist’s prize is £1,500. There are over £10,000 other prizes. Everyone has a chance to win!!

If your open call includes prizes and awards, tell us if any are new, or very attractive to prospective participants.

We have £12,000 worth of serious prizes for artists of all ages – cash, vouchers, exhibition opportunities. Check our website:

How many rounds of selection do you hold? Are any of them in person?

We have a very generous online pre-selection as we know images do not always do justice to the art work. This gives the successful artists time to frame or finish their works for final selection in the flesh. The second ‘in-person’ judging is done by a panel of 7 judges (CAS council members) on hand-in day at the town hall.

Is there a particular type of artist you would like to encourage to enter your calls? Why do you think this is important?

Everyone is welcome! We want talent!

Have exciting young members. We hope to encourage as many young artists as possible. They bring new ideas and are the lifeblood of any society and we have a £1500 young artist prize.

We also have an over 65 yr old prize. Our oldest member, is a real Chelsea character and is 101 years young and still painting some gems.

What would you say is the value of entering open calls – do you have a message to other artists about that?

Open calls are vital to find new artists. Our summer exhibition is a Chelsea calendar event. Great prizes and even greater footfall.

Chelsea Old Town Hall in the 1900s

Do entrants have to live in a specific area or can they be from anywhere in the country?

Anywhere in the world as long as they can hand in their work to the Chelsea Old Town Hall on 11 June and in the case of non-sale, pick the piece up at the close of the exhibition.

How do non-members join your society? Is it by invitation after an exhibition in an open exhibition?

Exhibitors become eligible for election to the society after showing with us at least 3 times. Many non members also give a lot of volunteer help during the open exhibitions – we are run by our artist members so we like to know you will take part.

Can you tell me about the history of your society?

Started in 1910 by Sir James Lynton Drongole one of the Rex Whistler Chelsea set. We have both professional and amateur artists entering work and wanting to be part of the Chelsea art vibe started by Oscar Wilde and fellow dilettantes of the late 19th century. This year is our 74th annual open summer exhibition.

How long were you a member before you became the president? How has that been for you?

10 years membership with four years serving as Vice President.
I am not only the youngest but also the first woman President and am excited to represent this dynamic group of 120 artists. They certainly keep you on your toes!

What aims do you have for your tenure as president?

To continue the society’s journey into the 21 st century to embrace the needs of a modern, very inclusive art society. This means encouraging younger members to build from the bottom up.

What makes your society different from others in this space?

It was started in Chelsea but has a world wide appeal. We have both professional and amateur artists entering work all wishing to be part of the Chelsea art vibe. We exhibit in the iconic Chelsea Old Town Hall each summer.

Find out more about the Chelsea Art Society here

The Chelsea Arts Society exhibition opens 14 June 2023