For Artists

The OESS experience for artists


  • Set up an account by registering with the OLIST
  • The same username and password is used when submitting to exhibitions


  • Get the OLIST delivered to your email inbox
  • Decide which calls interest you
  • Sign in to each call’s url to get more detail
  • Be reminded 7 days before the call closes


  • Pay only for each artwork submitted
  • Pay though a secure Stripe gateway
  • Edit entries before the call closes


  • Log in to the call to see if work is selected
  • View what next information
  • Print out ‘preselected’ application details
  • Print out labels


  • Deliver artwork to exhibition
  • Acquire a brand new audience

Benefits for artists

Build your brand

  • Gain exposure – Submitting work for open calls broadens the audience for your artwork
  • Sign up to the OLIST to get regular news about new open calls
  • Online exhibitions provide more widespread exposure for your art



  • No frustration – We support and assist the artist throughout the process
  • Never forget to submit work – We send out a 7 day and a 48 hour reminder to all artists who’ve signed up for our OLIST alerts
  • Run by artists for artists – All members of the OESS team are artists who regularly submit work for calls and manage calls. We have first hand experience of administering, selecting and submitting work for open calls so we understand the needs of all users

Secure system

  • Secure payments – Payments are processed through a secure Stripe portal. Stripe uses world-class security and is certified to the highest industry standard
  •  Privacy – We will never sell your information. We comply with GDPR and EU Regulations for data management


  • Different views – Upload up to six images for each artwork submitted
  • Give more info – Ability to easily add extra information, including artwork description, biography, a link to video on YouTube or Video or information about editions



  • Control your time – Submit work anywhere any time
  • A home away from home – Every client gets a personalised home page
  • Label your work – Comprehensive printable artwork labels for artwork delivered to a gallery
  • Get information – Easily access further information about exhibitions



Reduced carbon footprint

  • For artists – Online selection means that artists only need to arrange transport for their artwork if it is selected
  • For visitors – the online exhibition option allows for visitors from anywhere in the world and more exposure for your art