Open Exhibition Submission & Selection

OESS Pricing for each 'Call to Artist'

For a single 'Call to Artists' the OESS is charged on a per artwork entry basis as follows (for multiple 'Calls' see the bottom of the page):

  • £4.00 per Artwork Entry for the first 500
  • £3.00 per Artwork Entry for the next 500
  • £2.00 per Artwork Entry for entries over 1000

Please note: Rates are based on per artwork entry and not per artist or applicant. This should be considered when you decide on how many artworks each artist can enter and the entry fee that you wish to charge the artist.

Thats it - no hidden extras.

  • Our dedicated account manager will set everything up for you.
  • We provide a dedicated URL (for linking to, from your own website).
  • Your ‘Call to Artists’ is added to our OLIST and benefits from direct and social media marketing to a growing list of artists who regularly enter Open Exhibitions.
  • Artists register with us and receive regular reminders about your exhibition deadlines.
  • You set up your own Stripe account to accept artist entry fees (
  • Enquiries specifically about the exhibition will be forwarded on to you.
  • You sit back and relax while monitoring the entries as they come in from your own dedicated admin and reporting pages.
  • We promote your exhibition via social media and our e-marketing campaigns which are currently reaching out to over 10,000 artists in the UK and abroad.
  • We provide you with the online tools to help you and your selectors to view all entries while scoring or voting for a final selection list.
  • After selection, artists are then informed when they login to the system and are provided with an application printout and instructions for delivery to your gallery.
  • You can download a full breakdown of all entries, selections, payments and artist contact details and access to a downloadable of all original images as well as web optimized versions.
  • At the end of the 'Open for Entry' period, we send you an invoice for our fees (as above).
  • We provide 24/7 direct email support to artists, selectors and yourselves.

OESS Pricing for multiple 'Calls to Artists'

If you are expecting to run more than one 'Call to Artist' per year, please get in touch as we may be able to offer a fixed monthly price based on your estimated number of entries, this option also allows you to spread the costs across multiple exhibitions and over 12 months.

For a quick quote, just email me ( with a brief description of your needs, an estimate of the number of 'Calls' and an idea of expected artwork entries and I'll reply with a typical fixed monthly cost for using the OESS.


The OESS is hosted and managed by Interactive Technology Ltd.

Managing the OESS and OLIST for artists, art galleries and arts intitutions in the UK and abroad.
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